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Saturday, 11 November 2017

They Said, They Are The Best: "Nigerian Police Force Ranked As The Worst In The World

In spite of being ranked as one of the most exceedingly worst on the world, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has depicted itself as outstanding amongst other all inclusive.

The International Police Association and the Institute for Economics and Peace, had in its 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), put Nigerian police as the most exceedingly awful on the world.

The two association in the ranked considered the capacity of the Police to successfully deal with Internal Security Issues in 127 nations in four key ranges of limit, process, authenticity and results.

As indicated by the ranked, Nigeria failed to meet expectations on every one of the four spaces, with a score of 0.255.

However reacting in an announcement on Saturday, the NPF couldn't help contradicting the ranked and contended that it was unempirical.

It guaranteed it was truly outstanding on the planet.

The announcement read, "Nigeria Police Force is the best in UN Peace Keeping Operations , Best in Africa , One of the Best in the World .

The Force rejects the report as unempirical and supreme misrepresentation, ought to be dismissed and disapproved.

The Nigeria Police Force after a watchful investigation of the report and the news things exuding from it, wishes to state completely that the report is altogether deceptive, a reasonable distortion of statistical data points and basically unempirical considering the zone of scope of the report which was said to have been done in 2016 by the previously mentioned affiliations.

The report did not take into cognisance the critical change in the territories of Capacity Building , Training and Re – preparing of the whole work force of the Force as accommodated by the present Federal Government of Nigeria and other Foreign and Local NGOs which has incredibly enhanced the proficiency and administration conveyance of the staff of the Force all through the nation.

It is germane to express that the instruments used to assess the execution of the Force vis – à – vis that of different nations is totally erroneous and terribly lacking and subsequently a plain twisting of statistical data points.

The quality of around Three Hundred and Seventy Thousand ( 370 ,000 ) Police Personnel in the nation remains at around One ( 1 ) Policeman to under Six Hundred (600 ) individuals in a populace evaluations of One Hundred and Eighty Millions (180 ,000 ) Nigerians.

It is similarly huge to express that the present enlistment of extra Ten Thousand (10 ,000 ) Police Personnel into the Force by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the demand by the Inspector General of Police to Government for endorsement of the enrollment of Thirty One Thousand (31 ,000) Police Personnel yearly for a time of 5 years will build the quality of the Force to get together with the UN proportion of One (1) Policeman to Four Hundred (400) nationals.

Moreover , in the UN Peace Keeping System , the Nigeria Police Force is evaluated as the best in UN Peace keeping operations on the planet.

This plainly demonstrates the Nigeria Police Force isn't and can't be the most noticeably bad on the planet under any known logical measuring stick or measuring instrument.

"As of now , the Nigeria Police Force is one of the main two African Delegates speaking to the entire of Africa landmass on the official board of trustees of Interpol , a position the Force accomplished in view of elite , justify and maintained great track records.

For shirking of uncertainty , since the commencement of the present Police organization in July 2016 , the Inspector General of Police , IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni , he has presented and executed differing inward changes went for enhancing limit building and productive administration conveyance of the work force of the Force , which is yielding positive outcomes in the institutionalization of the ability of the Nigeria Police Force to manage rough wrongdoings and fear based oppression all through the nation.


The foundation and take – off of a world class Terrorism Investigation.

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