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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Oil Magnet: Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah Dumps PDP For APGA Formally

The Managing Director of Capital Oil and Gas Limited, Dr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah has formally dumped the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

Ifeanyi Ubah Dr. Ubah has additionally tossed his help on the Governor of Anambra state and hopeful of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA in the November eighteenth Governorship Election, Chief Willie Obiano.

The oil big shot who put forth the presentation in an announcement he issued to newsmen on Saturday likewise said that"I wish to state unequivocally that I have taken a position to battle for the sustenance and proceeded with importance of my state and the Igbo tribe.

I am an exceptionally solid and pleased Igbo man who is enthusiastic about the insurance of the Igbo name and the pride joined to it. I have devoted myself to guarantee that "Afa Igbo ama efu".

The Capital Oil and Gas manager gave his explanations behind throwing in the towel with PDP to incorporate what he depicted as the "out of line and unfeeling treatment allotted on me, including that the gathering chain of importance did not notice to his few supplications notwithstanding his having spent a large portion of his political life working perseveringly for the group.

He said "the political double-crossing has left a sharp taste in my mouth and I have arrived at the conclusion that my support of the PDP is the value I need to pay on the off chance that I am to prevail in my journey to serve my kin.

At this point, I have left the fight for the Lord. Dr. Ubah who said he is extremely satisfied to have returned to APGA, the very party he started his political excursion a few years back additionally said that in view of this and my heart, in truth, before God and man, I have decided and made plans to join and bolster the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). My political adventure which began from APGA has taken me to two other political groups, Labor Party and after that PDP.

I am amazingly happy to have returned to where I have a place.

Nke a bu nke anyi! I need to guarantee party faithfuls that I have come back to enhance the gathering and develop the gathering with the experience I have accumulated throughout the years in legislative issues.

Dr. Ubah who guaranteed APGA of his undaunted help additionally proclaimed that he would compose a rally labeled AFA IGBO EFUNA to underscore his second coming into the group.

The announcement peruses subsequently: "To my enduring supporters and umu nnem, Today denotes a defining moment in my political life as I take a monster jump into that which will goad the progression of my fantasy for a perfect and prosperous Anambra State.

It has been an uneven ride considering where I began from, the harsh streets I have experienced and challenges I have looked in scan for the promising finish to the present course of action. Having done as such much politically finished the years by righteousness of my energetic faith in enhancing the general population of Anambra State and in thankfulness to God for his kindnesses on my life remembering my unobtrusive foundation being the Son of a Teacher, it has turned out to be basic to check out my commitments, evaluate my qualities/shortcomings and exploit the open doors accessible to me which would be couple with my drive to promote the course of the Ndi Igbo.

As a feature of my vision and enthusiasm to propel the reason for my kin, I have put over the most recent 5 years of my life attempting coordinated endeavors through human capital improvement and the rechanneling of my interests in oil and gas, media, sports, development among others to my home state in an offer to enable the young people and contribute my quantity to building a strong state economy.

Amid this period, I have had giggles and great circumstances with my kin while likewise experiencing disloyalties and misleading companions and partners alike. In any case, there is an utmost to what I can accomplish my definitive point of true support of Ndi Anambra.

By chance and lamentably, regardless of a few endeavors to extend the skyline of lives one can touch utilizing the seat of energy, I have not been sufficiently fortunate to accomplish my objective. Remembering the quantity of government officials that have wound up more awful off having experienced not up to half of what I have endured in legislative issues, I will keep on thanking God massively to afford me the fortitude to constantly put sustenance on my table and additionally that of others.

I emphatically trust that the course I have ventured through as of not long ago was appointed by God to profit me the imperative experience which as we as a whole know, is the best educator. My subsequent stages are depended on His awesome bearing and I am glad and placated to take after as he leads.

I will keep on championing individuals situated projects and the reason for Ndi Igbo with the fullest confirmation that God will answer our supplications soon. For the members who trust I ought to stop governmental issues to my greatest advantage inferable from all that I have endured in the hands of lawmakers, I should state thank you for your care and kind counsel.

I have observed your earnest insight. Nonetheless, I trust that the end will legitimize the methods as I am striking, solid, valiant and resolved to take Anambra State to the following level.

Lamentably, having spent the vast majority of my political life working steadily for the PDP and in light of the uncalled for and insensitive treatment dispensed on me notwithstanding my few requests to the group chain of command, I have chosen to turn in until tomorrow with the PDP.

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