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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

What Biafran War Veterans Said About Nigeria - The police officers  affected by the war- from the Old Eastern Region who were acquitted and resigned from the Nigeria Police Force through a Presidential Amnesty conceded on May 29, 2000 by the organization of the then President Olusegun Obasanjo and were charitably given endorsement for the installment of benefits privileges have said that they trusted we are each of the one and that the war is again and again until the end of time. War-influenced cop cheer as they get annuity.
This came as they additionally expressed gratitude toward President Muhammadu Buhari approached God keep on blessing him for taking a gander at the country as one resolute substance.

The President of Association of Retired War Affected Police Officers (ARWAPO), Chief Matthew Udeh, expressed gratitude toward Mr President for his frankness and having faith in one Nigeria. He stated that: "We trust we are every one of the one, one Nigeria until the end of time.

The war is again and again for eternity. "God will keep on blessing President Muhammadu Buhari for taking a gander at the country as one unbreakable substance. "I feel satisfied today.

The entire ARWAPO members are loaded with appreciation to Mr President for hearing our sob for more than 40 years and running, Udeh, who was an Assistant Superintendent of Police before the war, said.

Additionally the President, Association of Retired Police Officers of Nigeria, Mr Fidelis Oyakhilome, said thanks to the PTAD and the Federal Government for satisfying their words and treating the officers decently.

I should laud ARWAPO members for their understanding, continuance and persistence every one of these years and too express gratitude toward Mr President, President Muhammadu Buhari, for making this conceivable, Oyakhilome said.

A recipient, Mr Francis Ukaraoha, said that he was upbeat to have gotten his initially benefits caution a few hours prior. Ukaraoha, who was elated, demonstrated the sum (figure withheld) of annuity overdue debts paid to his record couple of hours back to newsmen.

Features of the event were the tapping on PC to click-begin the installment and additionally a title-name grant given to Ikeazor for helping to make the installment conceivable following 47 years.

Ikeazor got the title-name "I di uko n'mba' signifying, "You are extremely uncommon among a people' President Muhammadu Buhari had charitably given endorsement for the installment of annuity qualifications to these officers and their Next of Kins who since May 29, 2000 have had Presidential exonerate and confirmation however a considerable lot of them stayed unpaid for quite a long time.

At the dispatch of the Pension Payments to Retired War-Affected Police Officers in Enugu, the Executive Secretary of Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD), Mrs Sharon Ikeazor, said that the Federal Government through President Muhammadu Buhari-drove organization would end all the agonizing heritages of the war.

Ikeazor said that Mr President had a tendency to satisfy all Federal Government's commitment toward the South-East in accordance with accessible assets.

This speaks to another choice by the present Federal Government to convey conclusion to the agonizing heritages of the common war, and undoubtedly a reasonable exhibit that President Muhammadu Buhari is for sure a father to all Nigerians.

His (Mr President) organization's changes under the PTAD will guarantee that Nigerians who spent the profitable years of their lives serving their country won't encounter troubles in getting their annuities,'' she said.

As indicated by her, the day denotes another turning point in re-coordinating the up to this point ignored officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force who have endured untold hardships throughout the years providing food for their requirements and that of their wards.

In this specific group of installment, 162 officers who have never been on the finance and 57 Next of Kin who have additionally not been pa

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