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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Stop Persecuting Me, Trump Is Not Probing Obama’s Wife’ – Patience Jonathan

Nigeria's former first woman, Patience Jonathan, has blamed EFCC's Boss Magu for being set on wrecking her family, all on account of the part she played in the 2015 decision. 

Patience Jonathan, in an announcement discharged by Belema Meshack-Hart, her Chief Press Secretary, additionally requested that President Muhammadu Buhari call Ibrahim Magu, the acting administrator of the EFCC to arrange. 

As per her, in spite of Michelle Obama crusading against Donald Trump in the presidential race, he has not moved against her. The Statement peruses; 


"We trust that she is by and large efficiently abused and rebuffed on account of her unfazed bolster for her significant other amid the 2015 decisions. 

"President Buhari ought to be reminded that his significant other additionally upheld him in every one of the races he challenged against herhusband, former President Jonathan, however Dr. Jonathan did not anytime, do individual quarrel or pursue Buhari's significant other. 

"That is the standard practice in all popular governments around the globe. For example, Michelle Obama crusaded energetically for her significant other's gathering amid their last Presidential decision, however we are yet to see President Donald Trump move against her. One thing is clear: No issue what they do to Mrs. Jonathan, she will keep on standing by her better half, the father of her youngsters, regardless of the possibility that it implies paying the preeminent cost with her life. 

"We wish to put it on record that ever, no spouse of any President had been so far explored in such glaringly malicious and despicable way, as has been the destiny of Mrs. Jonathan, in the hands of EFCC 

"As a convention, each first woman in this nation has had one pet undertaking or the other. Mrs. Jonathan began her NGO in Bayelsa State 11 years back when her significant other was the Governor of the State. With it, she has, throughout the years, touched the lives of numerous Nigerians in various ways. It is then amazing that while other First women and their pet ventures were allowed to sit unbothered, it is just her exercises and that of her NGOs that are being subjected to uncertain test"

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