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Monday, 2 October 2017

Sparing Nigeria from Jihadists and separatists

Recently, we denoted the 57th commemoration of Nigeria's autonomy from colonialist Great Britain. We checked it; we didn't celebrate. 

There is almost no to celebrate. The run of the mill "low-keyed" commemorations we have turned out to be acclimated to in the course of recent decades say it all. Our Independence Day, which in our adolescence in the 1970s was per day of extraordinary overflowing of enthusiastic ceremony and pomp is, today, simply a poor person's burial service. There is nothing melodic to move the offspring of today, the pioneers of tomorrow, about the nation we will hand over to them two or three decades from now. I am exceptionally dismal and sorry for our youngsters on account of the kind of nation we will hand over to them. 
On the off chance that our pioneers gave us the little they did in our youth despite everything we ended up in this wreckage, shouldn't something be said about our youngsters to whom our present pioneers have nothing to offer aside from hardship, scorn, state dread and dread? In any event, as a kid, I had the benefit of getting quality instruction in state funded schools, now and again paying beside nothing, some of the time paying nothing by any stretch of the imagination. Today, every one of us is a smaller than usual government, giving our families the very things that make government important to the general population. Government has turned into a harsh superstructure for the quest for goals that are outsider to our constitution and the qualities for which we battled for freedom. 
All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain, Bola Tinubu, put it relevantly in his current discourse on the condition of the country when he said that we as a whole have a place with a Nigeria of which we have no clue what it intends to us. That is so valid. Nigeria does not mean a similar thing to Nigerians. 
As an Igbo man, I have come to discover that my concept of Nigeria, particularly "One Nigeria," is far not the same as what some of my assumed individual comrades and ladies from the Arewa segment have as a top priority. Occasions of the previous three months which pitched the Igbo individuals and their ace Biafra components against Arewa Northerners and their Jihadist-disapproved of components who are presently in control in Aso Villa, says a lot about what Nigeria intends to Nigerians. We have three fundamental standpoints: the inside colonialists, the nationalists and the separatists. 
The main gathering are the individuals who accept what their insidiousness disapproved of provincial pioneers route back in the 1950's and 1960's stated, on record, that the new country, Nigeria, would be dealt with as a vanquished bequest of their political precursors. Some of them even bragged that they would proceed with their "intruded on triumph to the ocean" until they "dunk the koran in the Atlantic Ocean." The primary open door they had, they emblematically named the street on the edge of the Atlantic at the Barbeach in Victoria Island, Lagos, after Ahmadu Bello. 
These individuals seized control when the British colonialists allowed us autonomy 57 years back. They have overwhelmed our legislative issues, now and again utilizing the military, and at different circumstances getting through the voting booth, gaining by an altogether fixed political framework that gives them a false lion's share in populace. 
In view of this phony populace worldview, they split the nation into units guaranteeing that regardless of what whatever is left of the nation does, they would dependably be in control. They likewise, through the military, forced a constitution on the rest, guaranteeing that it can never be corrected unless they give their approval. Presently, on the off chance that they had utilized their political favorable circumstances to incorporate Nigeria with the masterpieces that the United Arab Emirates, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and other previous Third World nations have transformed into, individuals would just whine about disparity. Or maybe, they forced their disparaged medieval framework that had since quite a while ago ruined their lower classes while leaving the highest elites in degenerate richness on whatever remains of the nation. They spread destitution across the nation. The administrators of this framework just know how to devour, not deliver. Progressively, that unwholesome disposition to administration has turned into a craze among the country's overseeing tip top. Matters are exacerbated by the way that a ultra-preservationist wing of this gathering is presently possessing the Presidential royal residence in Abuja. They are re-establishing a portion of the stories we have been perusing and viewing on TV about the endeavors of Gen. Omar Al Bashir of Sudan, who furnished and financed Arab peaceful local armies to assault and confiscate indigenous people groups of their territories and farming assets. There are undisguised endeavors to constrain parts of the nation that have not been Islamised to come into their temporary fad through outfitted civilian armies taking on the appearance of herders. Our military are sent to do tasks that the Police was made to do, assaulting unarmed regular citizen dissenter fomenters who have been arranged, to the bemusement of the cultivated world, as "fear based oppressors." These separatists were previously an energetic an integral part of the battle for the freedom we are checking. They are Nigerians who have lost confidence in their nation and are requesting for a submission to empower them make a serene exit from Nigeria to be free from the colonialists and Jihadists. They are not yet outfitted, but rather the way they were developing under their pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu, startled the Jihadists and loyalists alike in the matter of what next they would do if left unchecked. Rebellion is a feeling that does not live only with the ace Biafra fomenters. It really began with Isaac Adaka Boro and his modest bunch of Ijaw contenders who framed the Niger-Delta Volunteer Force and did what he named the Twelve-Day Revolution towards the foundation of the Niger-Delta Republic in 1966. After a year, the dead Eastern Region pronounced the Republic of Biafra, which started off the Biafra-Nigeria war. There have been different types of rebellions and disturbances against inside colonialists as clear in the Major Gideon Orkar upset looking to oust Arewa from Nigeria in 1990, the NADECO battle over Chief Moshood Abiola's invalidated presidential command in 1993, the Niger-Delta militancy which is in right now lethargic mode and the resurgence of the battle for Biafra freedom. Clearly without the unpatriotic shenanigans of the inside colonialists now and again moved down with Jihadist adventurism when ultra-traditionalist components among their positions bumble into control, there would be no nonconformist instigators. The dismal thing is that a portion of the separatists have turned out to be so persuaded of Nigeria's unworkability that they have no arrangement B other than withdrawal. That has forced an extra strain on the push to make a Nigeria of the fantasy of those of us who pride themselves as loyalists. I am a loyalist. I remain for a unified, vote based Federal Republic of Nigeria, where there is flexibility, value, equity and advance which can just originate from an evened out league rather than the current disproportionate one. I realize that individuals like me are found in all the six geopolitical divisions of this incredible country. President Shehu Shagari, General Abdulsalami Abubakar and the late Umaru Musa Yar Adua ring a bell, the late Maitama Sule who originated from the Arewa segment are prove that certifiable patriotism isn't a save of any segment. We loyalists have saddled ourselves with the errand of achieving honest to goodness solidarity to Nigeria. That is the reason we call for rebuilding and devolution of forces. We should proceed with the battle to grab Nigeria from the hooks of the interior colonialists/Jihadists and their dissenter partners. In the event that we leave Nigeria to them, soon there will be no Nigeria. The rebuilding effort is the final desperate attempt to spare Nigeria, and we can't bear to lose the fight.

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