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Friday, 27 October 2017

Okadaman Sentenced To Death by hanging over N100,000 theft

Okadaman Sentenced To Death by hanging over N100,000 theft
In Akure — A business motorcyclist, also known as Okadaman, Yaya Bashiru, has been condemned to death by hanging by an Akure High Court for theft.

Bashiru was sentenced by Justice S. A. Bola for looting one Mrs. Bukola Ademola of her resources and cash adding up to about N100,000 on two events and on another event likewise stole her power generating set.

Okada rider He was charged with one Idowu Femi, who was later released and vindicated by the court for absence of evidence against him.

Bashiru and Femi were brought under the watchful eye of the court on charges of trick to confer burglary, theft on two events, illicit ownership of guns and taking.

At the point when their request was taken, the two men had argued not liable to the five charges favored against them by the arraignment.


The complainant, while affirming under the watchful eye of the court, said she was originating from her shop around 9p.m., when she watched a cruiser, with two men on it, trailing her.

She said the two men hopped into her auto and took her sack, which contained her telephone and the returns from the day's deals when she landed from her auto to open the door of her home.

As indicated by Bukola, her significant other, who could have safeguarded, her had spinal line damage and was inside the house.

The complainant told the court that her yell for help prompted the capture of the suspects, who shot into the air and debilitated to shoot anybody that attempted to stop them.

It was additionally charged that a similar group had likewise assaulted her in January a year ago, on her route home from her shop on a bike.

She affirmed that she was pulled down from the bike and her sack was pulled from her grip by a similar person, who at that point hit her on the head with the knob of his firearm, abandoning her oblivious.

The complainant guaranteed that another telephone and N80,000 were clinched that was taken from her.

The Police witness, Olakanmi Otadokun, said after the report was stopped at the Ala Police Station, the Police analysts began examination and the suspects were followed through the stolen telephone and the main litigant captured around Ijoka street territory, Akure with a weapon in his sack.

The Investigating Police Officer, IPO, had likewise affirmed that it was the confession booth articulation of the primary blamed person that prompted the capture of the second charged person.

The second respondent, Femi, guaranteed that he was a bricklayer and was neither a looter nor did he have a weapon.


In his judgment, Justice Bola discovered Bashiru liable of trick, theft and illicit ownership of guns. He, in any case, said that the arraignment had neglected to give any confirmation connecting the respondents to the taking of the power creating set and has no solid proof connecting the second litigant to the commission of the violations recorded in the particulars of offense.

The resistance guide, Abdurrahman Yusuf, of the Legal Aid Council, asked the court to temper equity with leniency as his customer was a first guilty party, who has matured guardians and has been sorry when he was in the jail authority.

The judge, who shut his ears to the supplication, condemned the principal litigant to death by hanging and released and absolved the second respondent.

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