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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Nnamdi Kanu A "Mad Man" - Rochas Okorocha

GISTSMARK - The Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha has spoken again on the 2019 race and President Muhammadu Buhari's supposed aspiration.

He revealed that he would bolster the president in the event that he pronounced aspiration to re-challenge.

I have such huge numbers of windows open in 2019 as I sit tight for Mr. President to make his statement, I need to be politically applicable and I have settled on the choice never to watch my nation sink.

In the event that President Buhari proclaims to keep running for the workplace again in 2019, I will bolster him, on the grounds that the man has a character to create Nigeria. He has a tough skin that we require.
Gov.  Rochas Okorocha

We have a defective establishment and I see President Buhari as that man who can assemble the establishment that we require. Be that as it may, I don't consider him to be somebody who will manufacture this country with an awesome completing with decent furniture.

He's quite recently going to fabricate a strong establishment whereupon achievement and flourishing for the land might be proficient. What's more, that is the place individuals like me would come in."

On unsettling for Biafra by Igbo young people, Okorocha said tragically that they enabled themselves to be utilized by Nnamdi Kanu, whom he depicted as a 'crazy person'.

These young fellows looking for pertinence as a business and to disclose to you how ridiculous a few people can be, any crazy person can simply rise one day and lead a silly tumult and he'd get supporters.

Indeed, even the way IPOB was taken care of by the legislature wasn't right. I continued telling the administration that this young fellow, Kanu Nnamdi, is irrelevant in the issue treat him like who he truly is.

"Be that as it may, now he'd been given some national consideration marking the entire Igbo as IPOB individuals and it's the explanation behind the quit see some gave our kin in the North. The issue is absurd.

You can't envision me, Rochas being asked by IPOB that how about we go to war and I take after.

"That is the best affront to members of the east.

Regardless of the possibility that you come today and begin a congregation you name 'Kill Every Human Being Church', a few people will in any case go along with you. There are dependably members for all that you do. I would have dealt with it in an unexpected way. Okorocha told Sun.

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