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Friday, 20 October 2017

Nigerian Army promotes Gallantry warrant officer to Captain

Army promotes Gallantry warrant officer to Captain

Nigerian Army Council, Monday, granted accelerated promotion to a Non-Commissioned soldier, Garba Abdullahi.

Garba Abdullahi was promoted to the rank of Captain, Abdullahi who was promoted to the rank of Captain from his underlying rank of Master Warrant Officer, according to a statement by the Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Sani Usman, Thursday evening, was the head of a platoon under the 159 Battalion of the Nigerian Army.

The Army Council’s gesture to Abdullahi, according to the statement, was “in acknowledgment and reward for heroism, an extraordinary show of bravery, courage and selfless service.
Garba Abdullahi 

The Executive Commission to 79NA/21553 Master Warrant Officer Garba Abdullahi of 159 Battalion of the Nigerian Army to the rank of Captain, the statement further explained, was for bravery.

“The accelerated promotion was due to observed outstanding qualities of military professionalism such as gallantry and dedication to service demonstrated by the Non–Commissioned Officer.

Garba Abdullahi’s leadership qualities end's him to his Commanding Officer who deemed it fit to assign him a higher responsibility as platoon commander of one of the arrow head sub-units of the Battalion, the role he played excellently to the admiration of both his superiors and subordinates alike.

The Battalion covers five Local Government Areas in Yobe State and serves as the Brigade’s first line of defence in the northern front adjoining Niger Republic and Borno State.

The Battalion primarily occupies a blocking position from where it conducts Counter Terrorist and Counter Insurgency operations to defeat Boko Haram terrorists, deny them freedom of action and assist the civil authority in the maintenance of law and order and restoration of socio-economic activities within its area of responsibility.

Since their deployment into the theatre about two years ago, the unit has contributed immensely to the decimation of Boko Haram terrorists and also involved in humanitarian activities in the host communities.

The newly commissioned Garba Abdullahi has since been decorated with the badge of his new rank of Captain at the Battalion Headquarters located in Geidam, Yobe State by his Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Owoicho Augustine Obochi, to the admiration of both officers and soldiers of the unit.

“The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai has congratulated the newly commissioned officer.

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