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Monday, 2 October 2017

NIGERIA @ 57! Read Full Speech Of President Buhari's Independence Day

President Muhammadu Buhari went up against issues verging on rebuilding, professional Biafra disturbances in the Southeast and the battle against defilement as Nigeria celebrates 57 years as a country state. 

Here's the full content of his Speech: 

My dear Nigerians, 

October first remains an exceptional date for all Nigerians as this denotes the day when we achieved a standout amongst the most valuable of human wants — opportunity. 

Throughout the years the nation has experienced hardships, yet October first is dependably a day for festivities. 

It is a day for thanks giving, reflection and re-devotion. 

It is additionally a day for recognition. We ought to help ourselves to remember the current voyage from 1999 – 2015, when our nation cheerfully came back to law based run the show. 

In any case, disregarding oil costs being a normal of $100 per barrel and around 2.1m barrels per day, that incredible bit of fortunes was misused and the nation's social and physical foundation dismissed. 

We were left without any investment funds and enormous foundation shortage. 

The APC Government's Campaign arousing cry to reestablish security, re-adjust the economy and battle defilement was not all talk. 

The nation should first be secured. The economy must be re-adjusted so we don't rely upon oil alone. We should battle defilement which is Nigeria's Number One Enemy. Our Administration is handling these assignments decisively. 

In the previous two years, Nigeria has recorded apparent picks up in political opportunity. A political Party at the Center losing races of State Governor, National Assembly situate and even State Assemblies to the restriction parties is new to Nigeria. Added to these are finished flexibility to relate, to hold and scatter sentiments. Such advancements unmistakably bear witness to the nation's developing political improvement. In any case, similar to all opportunities, this is interested in mishandle. 

Late approaches re-organizing, very appropriate in a honest to goodness face off regarding, has let in profoundly flippant gatherings to call for evisceration of the nation. We can't and we won't permit such promotion. 

As a youthful Army Officer, I remove a portion from the earliest starting point to the end in our shocking common war costing around 2m lives, bringing about dreadful decimation and untold enduring. The individuals who are disturbing for a re-run were not conceived by 1967 and have no clue about the unpleasant results of the common clash which we experienced. 

I am extremely disillusioned that dependable pioneers of these groups don't caution their hot-headed young people what the nation experienced. The individuals who were there should tell the individuals who were not there, the results of such habit. 

At all occasions, appropriate exchange and any coveted sacred changes should occur in a sound way, at the National and State Assemblies. These are the best possible and legitimate fora for National level headed discussion, not some hack sided, un-popularity based body with pre-decided arrangement of targets. 

Government is keeping up the energy of discourse with partners in the Niger Delta to keep the peace. We plan to address honest to goodness grievances of the groups. 

Government is appreciative to the capable administration of those groups and will seek after enduring peace in the Niger Delta. 


On security, Nigerians must be appreciative to our heroic Armed Forces for moving back the outskirts of Boko Haram's psychological oppression, vanquishing them and decreasing them to apprehensive assaults on delicate and powerless targets. 

Nigeria is thankful to its neighbors and the global group for the aggregate endeavors to overcome this overall hazard of psychological oppression. 

Not even the most sorted out and most prepared police and security powers on the planet can get away from the hazard of advanced psychological oppression, as we have found as of late in Europe and different parts of the world. 

Be that as it may, we are not easing up. Our Armed Forces with an end goal to improve the operational capacity of troops of OPERATION LAFIYA DOLE have built up Mobile Strike Teams in the North East. These will guarantee the last push to wipe out the leftovers of Boko Haram. 

What's more, through focused air strikes a large portion of the administration and recognized coordinations bases and courses of the radicals have been killed. The Armed Forces have built up a Naval nearness in the Lake Chad Basin as a major aspect of the planned military endeavors to abridge the developments or re-rise of the faction in the range. 

Government is working round the clock to guarantee arrival of the rest of the Chibok young ladies, and also different people in Boko Haram imprisonment. Government will keep on supporting the Armed Forces and other security organizations to battle fear based oppression, as well as abducting, outfitted thefts, herders/ranchers viciousness and to guarantee peace, soundness and security in our nation. 


Concerning the economy, the Government has stayed master dynamic in its expansion arrangement. The Federal Government's agrarian Anchor Borrowers Program, which I propelled in November 2015, has been an extraordinary accomplishment with: 

N43.92 billion discharged through the CBN and 13 taking part foundations, 

200,000 little holder agriculturists from 29 conditions of the league profiting. 

233,000 hectares of farmland developing eight products, to be specific Rice, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, soya-beans, Poultry, Cassava and Groundnuts, notwithstanding fish cultivating. 

These activities have been attempted in close cooperation with the states. I wish to compliment the endeavors of the Governors of Kebbi, Lagos, Ebonyi and Jigawa States for their help to the rice and compost upsets. 

Similarly admirable are commitments of the Governors of Ondo, Edo, Delta, Imo, Cross River, Benue, Ogun, Kaduna and Plateau States for their help for the Presidential activity for palm oil, elastic, cashew, cassava, potatoes and different products. 

With the wealth of precipitation a year ago and this year, agribusiness has delighted in Divine mediation. 

Since December a year ago, this Administration has delivered more than 7 million 50Kg sacks of manure. Eleven mixing plants with a limit of 2.1 million metric tons have been reactivated. We have spared $150 million in remote trade and N60 billion in endowment. Compost costs have dropped from N13,000 per 50Kg sack to N5,500. 

Moreover, another presidential activity is beginning with each condition of the Federation making at least 10,000 occupations for jobless young people, again with the guide of CBN's improvement back activities. 

Power remains a tremendous issue. As of September twelfth, generation of energy achieved an all — time high of 7,001 Megawatts. Government is expanding its speculation, clearing up the operational and money related log stick upsetting the business. We plan to achieve 10,000 Megawatts by 2020. 

Key needs incorporate better vitality blend through sunlight based and Hydro innovations. I am happy to state that after numerous times of limbo, Mambilla Power Project has taken off. 

Somewhere else in the economy the uncommon window made for makers, speculators and exporters, outside trade necessities has demonstrated exceptionally viable. Since April, about $7 billion has gotten through this window alone. The fundamental impact of these approaches is enhanced trust in the economy and better venture opinions. 

The nation has recorded 7 back to back a very long time of lower expansion, Naira rate is starting to balance out, acknowledging from N525 per $1 in February this year to N360 today. Wide based financial development is driving us out of retreat. 

Besides, keeping in mind the end goal to balance out the nation, the Federal Government gave extra help to states as: 

*State Excess Crude Account advances, 

Spending Support Facility, 

Adjustment Fund Release to state and nearby government as takes after: 

N200 billion out of 2015 

N441 billion out of 2016 

N1 trillion out of 2017 

Through and through totalling N1.642 trillion. 

This was done to empower states to pay exceptional pay rates, benefits and independent venture providers who had been everything except disabled throughout the years. 

Also, the Government's present N500 billion Special Intervention Program is focusing on bunches through; 

Home Grown School Feeding Program, 

N-Power Job creation to give advances to little scale merchants and craftsmans, 

Contingent Cash Transfer, 

Family Homes Fund and 

Social Housing Scheme. 


Kindred Nigerians, 

We are completely mindful that battling defilement was never going to be a clear errand. We anticipated that degenerate components would utilize any weapon to battle back, mostly legal impediment and political preoccupation. Be that as it may, we are resolved to annihilate debasement from our body politic. 

In this battle, the Government has: 

Engaged groups of prosecutors, 

Amassed point by point databases, 

Quickened the recuperation of stolen stores. 

The Administration's new institutional changes include: 

Authorizing Treasury Single Account, 

Shriek Blowers Policy, 

Coordinated Payroll Personnel and Information System. 

We have consented to multi-parallel participation arrangements on criminal issues with benevolent nations. There are indications of expanding participation from the Judiciary. As of late the Chief Justice of the Federation coordinated Heads of every one of our Courts of first occurrence and Appeal to quicken hearings of defilement cases and expel any legal officers found to have been traded off. 

Equity Salami has quite recently been designated to seat the Judiciary's against join board of trustees. Government expects a considerable measure from this Committee. 

I recognize the National Assembly to refocus on its oversight boards of trustees. They should, also, guarantee quick section of empowering debasement laws. However, battling debasement is a base to top operation. I approach all Nigerians to battle defilement every step of the way. By not requesting and declining to acknowledge a pay off, by announcing untrustworthy practices or by blowing a shriek, together we can beat defilement. The legislature as far as it matters for its will work for responsibility at all levels – Federal, State and Local Governments. CHANGE will then be real. 
As we enter the second half of our term of office, we intend to accelerate progress and intensify our resolve to fix the country’s challenges and problems.

Thank you and a happy holiday to all of you.

God bless our country.

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