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Monday, 2 October 2017

IPOB Leader: Nnamdi Kanu Is Currently In London - Former Gov Of Abia, Orji Kalu

Former legislative head of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu has said leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu is as of now in London. 

Kalu uncovered this in a meeting he allowed Sunday Punch, including that he doesn't think about the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu's folks. 

He said in opposition to what has been encouraged to people in general up until now, the military did not take Kanu and his folks away. 

Orji Uzor Kalu disclosed to Sunday Punch: 

"Kanu was not taken away by the military. Kanu went to Malaysia from where he ventured out to the United Kingdom. Nnamdi Kanu is in London at this moment presently. 

"He was not captured by anyone. He cleared out the nation all alone. 

One of his relations has addressed me and clarified everything in light of the fact that I needed to see him and converse with him wherever he was and perceive how I could meet some Federal Government authorities on his issue. 

"I additionally needed to see methods for conversing with the President about him, and discover shared belief yet his family disclosed to me that he has left the nation, unless they are misleading me. 

"I accept, regardless of whether he had left the nation or not, he isn't with the military since I solicited the Commander from the 14 Brigade, Brigadier General A.K Ibrahim, who is a fine and great warrior, accomplished and devoted, and he disclosed to me that they don't have the foggiest idea about his whereabouts and I am certain, the Department of State Services have a similar data. 

"I likewise went by the Commissioner of Police and he said he didn't know his whereabouts and that they are additionally searching for him." 

On the whereabouts of Kanu's folks, Kalu revealed to Sunday Punch: 

"I don't have the foggiest idea. 

"I went to them in December a year ago and I was not inspired with the exchange I had with the father and the mother since I anticipated that them would have acted better. 

"From that point forward, I have not gone by them. 

"I feel that they have not inspired me since they overlooked my recommendation to them to converse with their child on the need to remain at home and maintain a strategic distance from open trips. I said his kin can keep on carrying their banners around yet that they ought not exasperate anyone once more. 

"They have a privilege to convey what needs be however that such rights ought to be inside the points of confinement of our constitution. 

They have the privilege to convey Biafran hails however they ought to do as such inside the points of confinement of the constitution. Once your exercises are inside the points of confinement of the law, you are all together. 

"You can't convey Biafra hails and be halting vehicles and crushing their windscreens. 

"You can't convey Biafra (hails) and be attacking young ladies, you likewise can't convey Biafra (signals) and be collecting young fellows consistently. 

"These are individuals who have no activity and subsequent to doing that, they will go and take part in hijacking or they will go and do furnished burglary while some will go and do different things to profit. 

"Yearning is an extremely unpleasant thing. 

"The brokers in the market have cautioned them to stop the drivel they are doing. For what reason would it be a good idea for you to blackmail cash from individuals for the sake of Biafra tumult? 

"They are coercing cash from individuals in the market without wanting to. 

"In the event that the elected and state governments proceed to watch and enable every one of these things to proceed, there will be confusion in the state. 

In the event that Kanu had not demonstrated determined but rather tuned in to exhortation and kept to the guidelines of the court, we won't be the place we are presently."

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