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Thursday, 5 October 2017

DOCTOR'S WARNING: Stop Squeezing Your Wife's Bosoms Like Oranges, Only Children Should Suck It - Read Details

The president of Bosom Care International Dr. Beatrice Wiafe - Addai has asked men to deal with the Bosom of ladies with mind as it is an extremely delicate piece of a lady's life systems. 

Dr. Wiafe-Addai revealed to Ghanaian Starr Fm morning show have ,Francis Abban that as opposed to claims that the sucking of Bosom by men decreases the danger of getting Bosom disease in ladies, those cases are false. 

"It isn't genuine that the more you suck a lady's Bosom it keeps the danger of getting Bosom tumor. What is genuine is that ladies who have kids should Bosom nourish, and Bosom bolstering has some constructive outcome on the lady to the extent Bosom tumor is concerned. In any case, not grown-up men to go and suck the Bosom supposing it will shield the lady from Bosom malignancy, that isn't valid, it is exceptionally delicate so we should deal with it with mind… don't crush it like you have some mango or orange that you are pressing to get some liquid out," Dr. Wiafe-Addai guided.

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