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Thursday, 26 October 2017

2019: The Igbo people from the South-East have tossed their weight behind Buhari - The Igbo people from the South-East have tossed their weight behind the expected reelection offer of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019. 

President Buhari the Chairman and the Executive Secretary of the South East Council of Traditional Rulers, at the State House, They said that re-electing the president was the best way to respond his adoration for Igbos. 

To this end, the general population have set up a stage called "Ndigbo for PMB 2019", to activate whatever remains of the general population for the assignment ahead. Addressing Journalists Wedneday, the National Coordinator of the gathering and chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC in Abia State, Prince Paul Ikonne said that the time had desired the south east people to re-dispatch themselves in the national governmental issues. 
South-east Chiefs

He said that the general population had a political miscount in the last broad race in 2015 and have chosen to right the wrongs of the past. 

Some of our South east brothers and sisters did not do too well in the last broad race particularly in the presidential decision. 

In 2019, the Igbos must be legitimately situated and physically observed to help the leader of Nigeria in the support of Muhammadu Buhari. 

Thus, our central goal is exceptionally basic: to unite Igbos from wherever they are for them to toss their help for the re-election of president Buhari. 

That is the thing that we would champion. 

As should be obvious, we don't have some other groups so far approaching Mr. President to keep running for a second term. 

In any case, this groups, Ndi Igbo for PMB, will kick begin that undertaking, the second term task of Mr. President with the goal that Igbos will recover their legitimate position in the Nigerian governmental issues. 

It is our duty. Along these lines, this initially meeting we are holding is to have our State Coordinators and national officers and afterward, outline our activity design having at the top of the priority list that our essential obligation is to activate Igbos keeping in mind the end goal to vote in favor of the president in 2019. 

We will most importantly request that he run and in asking him to re-challenge, we "ll guarantee him that Igbos will vote in favor of him hugely on the grounds that in the event that you take a gander at him extremely well, the President trusts in Igbos more than some other zone in this nation considering his political estimation in earlier year. 

The primary ran he at any point kept running for president, he utilized an Igbo man as his running mate. 

The second and the third time, a similar thing. There is no other way one can demonstrate love than demonstrating that he believes you. 

Be that as it may, it was exceptionally lamentable that some of our kin saw it coming, yet express gratitude toward God, we have another opportunity to demonstrate that we trust in this organization of Mr. President. 

One thing is clear, it isn't a gathering undertaking, yet an Igbo issue. 

Along these lines, regardless of your gathering stage or association, as long as you are an Igbo, you are a piece of this undertaking. We are not doing a gathering thing. 

We are doing an Igbo thing. It is a stage for Igbos to meet up, vow their dedication, indicate it by activity and them exhibit in 2019 as it influences Mr. President. 

Additionally, the Abia State Coordinator of the gathering and previous Speaker of the State Assembly, Mr. Martins Azubuike additionally expressed they would back on sharpening projects to understand their goal. 

He said that re-choosing the President would end the underestimation of the Ndi Igbo. 

Taking a gander at our position today as Ndigbo in the Nigerian commonwealth and every one of the cries of our kin, the inquiry any great Igbo man will approach is the thing that do we improve the situation individuals to stay away from this sort of cries: cries of maginalization, cries of disdain and every one of them. 

Furthermore, the appropriate response is basic. 

It is for us to return to where Nigeria is on account of when you are not in a place where things are circulated or shared or talked about and if the general population there have not appropriately dealt with themselves, it is extremely unlikely they will recall you that is outside. 

What's more, I imagine that is the thing that this stage needs to do, to take the Igbo country to where Nigeria is with the goal that we can like others have a place and get whatever is because of us from them

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