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Monday, 18 September 2017

Photos: Suya Seller Killed In Lagos For Laughing At Traditional Ruler’s Son

On Friday fourteenth September 2017, an episode began between at a Suya vender spot by one Bashiru Ahmed who is the child of Sarki Hausawa of Okokomaiko. Bashiru blamed the Suya man for snickering at him and the suya dealers disclosed to him he was chuckling at the individual who fell into the drain. Ahmed and his posse tossed the suya Seller's meat on the floor and left. 
The Suya man and a few sympathizers went to grumble to Bashiru's dad, the Sarki, Alh Adamu Ahmed Gaya, who guaranteed to pay for the suya however the proprietor declined the remuneration. The next day, the Suya merchant was shot and killed by two attackers who got away from scene. 

The police swung vigorously and captured Bashiru Ahmed who is suspected to have had submits the Murder. 

Today at around 1200hrs, companions of the expired Suya man located a partner of Bashiru Ahmed, sought after and killed him close Alaba rago and moved to the Palace of the Sarki and set it on fire.

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