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Friday, 15 September 2017

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: IPOB Has Been Declared a Terrorist Organization By The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian military has announced the professional Biafra dissident gathering, IPOB, a "terrorist." The military put forth the presentation in an announcement on Friday by the Director of Defense Information, John Enenche.
Conflicts between fighters on a military operation and IPOB people in Abia State have left a few people injured. Despite the fact that there have been reports of passings especially of IPOB individuals, none has been affirmed. 

IPOB and its pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu are battling for a free nation of Biafra made up of ethnic Igbos. In spite of the fact that they had said their battle was peaceful, Mr. Kanu said for the current week that that position would be evaluated, blaming the military for assaulting unharmed individuals from his association.

additionally detailed how the police in Abia State pointed the finger at IPOB for the consuming of a police headquarters in Aba, where a sunset to day break time limit has since been forced.

In his announcement, Mr. Enenche, a noteworthy general, recorded five reasons the military considered for marking IPOB a dread gathering.

These incorporate


"The arrangement of a Biafra Secret Service, guaranteed development of Biafra National Guard, unapproved hindering of free streets; blackmail of cash from guiltless regular people at unlawful detours, and activist ownership and utilization of weapons (stones, molotov mixed drinks, blades and broken jugs among others) on a military watch on 10 September 2017."


1. The Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) bunch which has postured to be a security challenge in the Country, has been transforming from one phase to the next. After due expert investigation and late improvements, it has turned out to be practical, to tell the overall population that; the claim by IPOB on-screen characters that the association is peaceful is not valid. Subsequently, the need to convey to open mindfulness the genuine and current province of IPOB. In such manner, some of their activities, stealthily and effectively, that has been threatening the overall population among others incorporate;

a. The arrangement of a Biafra Secret Service.

b. Guaranteed development of Biafra National Guard.

c. Unapproved hindering of community streets.

d. Coercion of cash from guiltless regular people at unlawful detours.

e. Activist ownership and utilization of weapons (stones, molotov mixed drinks, cleavers and broken jugs among others) on a military watch on 10 September 2017.

f. Physical showdown of troops by Nnamdi Kanu and other IPOB on-screen characters at a check point on 11 September 2017 and furthermore endeavors to grab their rifles.

Nnamdi Kanu talking in Abakaliki

g. Assault by IPOB individuals, on a military check point on 12 September 2017, at Isialangwa, where one IPOB on-screen character endeavored to grab a female officer's rifle.

3. From the prior, the Armed Forces of Nigeria wishes to affirm to the overall population that IPOB from all expectation, plan and reason as investigated, is an activist psychological militant association. In this way, guardians and especially clueless inhabitants of the South East and different Nigerians should counsel their wards to cease from joining the gathering.

4. The Defense Headquarters repeats its sense of duty regarding taking care of all the security challenges in the Country and further guarantees all Nigerians of the insurance of lives and property.

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