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Saturday, 9 September 2017

LASU ASUU chairman sacked for demanding N50, 000 from students

The ASUU Chairman and Vice-Chairman are Dr Isaac Oyewunmi and Dr Adebowale Adeyemi-Suenu. The representative of LASU, Mr Ademola Adekoya, said in Lagos on Friday that the establishment likewise rejected two non-scholastic members from staff and downgraded two others. Adekoya said that the choice to reject the laborers was taken at the 115th Governing Council Meeting of the college, which hung on Thursday. LASU "Compatible thereto, the Governing Council with quick impact rejected 15 members from the scholarly staff, two members from non-scholastic staff, and endorsed two others for various demonstrations of unfortunate behavior," Adekiya said. He said Oyewunmi was rejected for requesting N50, 000 from understudies while Adeyemi-Suenu was sacked for "singularly" modifying ''the consequences of 12 understudies officially encouraged to pull back by Senate". Adekoya said the committee set up that Oyewunmi requested N50, 000 from 2003 measured year understudies of Political Science Education on the sandwich program to process their outcomes. He said the chamber discovered Oyewunmi at fault of endeavor to acquire cash for himself as an instigation to complete his obligations and therefore rejected him from the administration of the college. Adekoya said the college set up that Adeyemi-Suenu unilat-erally adjusted the consequences of 12 understudies officially encouraged to pull back by Senate in the Department of History and International Studies in the 2015/2016 scholastic session. "He changed their status from "pulled back" to "great standing. ''He additionally changed the consequences of some last year understudies and stragglers outside the extent of the departmental choice. "Dr Adeyemi-Suenu additionally granted review purpose of 2.0 to two understudies in an examination which they were missing. "This is commensurate to control of understudies brings about repudiation of arrangements of the Conditions and Scheme of Service for Senior Staff and along these lines rejected from the administration of the college," he said. Others rejected for different money related and scholarly offense were Mr Olatoye Raji, Dr Olugbenro Odofin, Dr Adebowale Ademeso, Dr John Adeogun, Dr Scholastica Udegbe and Dr Olufemi Soyeju. Likewise expelled were Dr Olawale Raimi, Mr Ademola Adesina, Dr Shamisudeen Badmus, Dr Christiana Obagbuwa, Dr Emmanuel Asapo, Mr Lateef Salami, Olubukola Oyeniya and Dr Fatimat Bakare.

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