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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Biafran National Guard To Nigerian Military - We Are Ready Defend Our People

The Biafra National Guard has pronounced that the Nigerian military can "go to hellfire" since it would safeguard individuals of the South East. BNG made the announcement while blaming the choice of the Nigerian Military to proclaim the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as a psychological militant gathering. Responding to the revelation, BNG expressed that it would not be coerced by the fear based oppressor tag, focusing on that Biafra will be reestablished. In an announcement marked by its representative, Major Nkuma and sent to us, BNG kept up that it is not a fear based oppressor gathering, including that Nigerian government is a "major joke" for making such assertion. 
As indicated by the announcement, "Nigerian government can be rest guaranteed of self-protection" since it would "never withdraw or surrender till death lift our hands." 
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The announcement peruses, 


"It didn't come as an astonishment to Biafra National Guard that Buhari through Nigerian military pronounced IPOB a fear based oppressor association. Give us a chance to remind Nigerian foundation and Britain that IPOB is not a gathering or association IPOB is the general population of Old Eastern district and having proclaimed IPOB a fear based oppressor association, it infers that each Biafran is a psychological militant. 

"It is dismal that we wound up in a nation we are considered types of dread and a nation we have no privilege to request self-run the show. We the Biafra National Guard trust that the presentation is the finish of the street for all Indigenous People of Biafra who have been calmly clamoring for submission. The unavoidable issue remains; would we say we will watch them execute the genocide they simply pronounced? 

"It is imperative to plainly express that Biafra National Guard has been in presence for a considerable length of time and was not framed as of late as guaranteed by Nigerian military and it is a free self-protection gathering; basically saddled with the duty of safeguarding old Easterners' as cherished in 2007 UN contract on the privileges of Indigenous People. 

"IPOB under the authority of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the mother of all genius Biafra gatherings and all things considered, all professional Biafra activists are Indigenous People of Biafra. The Biafra National Guard is Indigenous yet obviously free and doesn't subscribe to the tranquil methodology of IPOB yet completely embraced, and regards IPOB in light of the fact that it is Biafra individuals' desire. 

"Biafra National Guard is not liable to take orders from IPOB on the grounds that IPOB is serene unless they choose something else as we have constantly kept up, IPOB is the delegate of the whole individuals of Biafra. We the Biafra National Guard conveys the obligation of self-preservation in Biafra land; and we are proud, we couldn't care less what Nigeria labels the general population of Old Eastern locale however they ought to be rest guaranteed that we should shield our lives concurring the 2007 UN and human rights sanction. 

"As neglectful as the Nigerian military; a gathered shrewd officer that go out of school and living in an advanced world to label a serene opportunity battling outfit psychological oppressor association is the tallness of the joke-Nigeria is a major joke. 

"The ignorance of Muhammadu Buhari has contaminated the Nigerian military that they both stand up of sheer disdain rather than reason or experience. It is funny that it took UN to proclaim Boko Haram a psychological oppressor association however took a wayward warrior to pronounce a quiet or peaceful individuals a fear based oppressor association. The Nigerian military can go to damnation since we won't be extorted; we will safeguard our lives at all cost and we will reestablish Biafra on the grounds that we are flexibility contenders. 

"Nigerian government and her military must be reclaimed to the classroom or address lobby to think about history. They ought to be well shown that Nelson Mandela was never a psychological oppressor; Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi were never fear based oppressors. 

"They ought to be addressed that no flexibility battling outfit or contender has been marked a psychological oppressor; it is just conceivable in misleadingly made Nigeria. Nigerian government and her military ought to go to UK and ask them for what reason they never labeled Scots psychological oppressors and they ought to likewise go to Spain for Catalonians. Must Nigeria keep on disgracing herself before the world; is Nigeria a world separated from this present reality? 

"Buhari and Britain ought to be very much educated that they can't extort us; if being an opportunity contender is being a psychological oppressor, we are pleased fear based oppressors. In the event that being a Biafran is being a psychological militant; we are glad to be one yet by temperance of our exercises, we are not fear mongers and can never be. We are Biafrans; we deny fear mongering; our way of life and all that we speak to denies psychological warfare. Nigerian military is slaughtering our kin and we should shield ourselves to maintain a strategic distance from our elimination. 

"Biafra National Guard will never connect with regular folks yet will contradict furnished dangerous Nigerian powers. We have been marked psychological oppressor to empower them actualize the genocide against us yet we will shield our lives. Nigerian government can be rest guaranteed of self-preservation since we might never withdraw or surrender till death lift our hands. 

"England must be considered responsible on the grounds that they are the cerebrum behind the genocide and fear based oppressor tag; they are supporting this second stage genocide against the general population of Biafra. England did not label Scotland unsettling for Self-assurance fear based oppressors but rather proceeded to constrain Nigeria to label Biafrans who resemble Scots psychological militants. We will oppose each endeavor to actualize this second genocide; may God never excuse us in the event that we viewed on while ethnic purging is done."

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