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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

PHOTOS: Why we tear gassed hostile to Buhari Protesters in Abuja – Police

GISTSMARK.COM - The Federal Capital Territory, FCT Police Command has identified disturbance of public peace and close breakdown of law and order in the country's capital, Tuesday, as conceivable reasons it cinched down on against Buhari dissenters. 

The police clarified that the dissent which was going ahead at the Unity Fountain stood out enough to be noticed to intercede when it was turning unpredictable after penetration by criminals. 

It said a few rapscallions, punks and other criminal components had invaded the dissent being completed by a gathering of concerned Nigerians under the aegis of "Our-Mumu-Don-do Movement", drove by celebrated Nigerian artist, Charles Oputa prominently known as "Charlie Boy". 

The FCT Police Command, in an announcement marked by its Public Relations Officer, Anjuguri Manza, in Abuja, todday said the gathering completed their challenge on Monday at a similar setting were agreed vital police nearness to safe monitor open security and open peace, and ensure their rights to flexibility of articulation, rights to quiet Assembly and Association, and appropriate to opportunity of development as accommodated in segments 39, 40, and 41 of the 1999 constitution as altered. 

The announcement peruses: "Today eighth August, 2017 a similar gathering amassed at a similar scene however permitted knaves, hooligans and other raucous people to invade the challenges, who began hindering the significant streets abutting the Unity wellspring, discouraging activity and forestalling developments of other honest nationals from heading off to their methods for occupation, and in this way showing boisterous practices and other vicious acts prone to cause the breakdown of lawfulness and unsettling influence of open peace. 

"The Police work force mediated at the point that the concerned Nigerians Group lost control of the group and forestalled villains, punks and other criminal components from seizing the challenge to cause disorder and mayhem. 

"It is relevant to state here that the FCT Police charge is completely mindful and perceives the established privileges of each resident including Our Mumu Dondo gathering to collect and move unreservedly in any piece of the Federal Capital Territory, yet the summon won't enable any dissent under any appearance to turn rough and imperil the common peace, lawfulness at present being delighted in the FCT. 

"The order wishes to guarantee all inhabitants and guests to the region of satisfactory security and insurance of lives and property of everybody including the individuals who express their sacred privileges of dissent with dignity. 

"Thus, individuals from people in general, guardians and watchmen, religious/assessment pioneers and other intrigue bunches are encouraged to win on their youngsters and wards, devotees and disciples not to enable themselves to be utilized by any gathering to cause unsettling influence of open peace and infringe upon down of lawfulness," the announcement included.

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