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Monday, 21 August 2017


President Muhammadu Buhari and CharlyBoy You have returned when our nation needs you most to surmount the pots battering us as a people and a country.
Despite the fact that at an extremely soak cost, we never enabled our voices to go unheard and we are happy you eventually tuned in to us.
You have returned when our extraordinary nation is fighting a large number of unfortunate tempests.
This is a troublesome time in our national history where wise and quick initiative is enormously required. Since you are back more grounded, I might want you to end up plainly the rescuer that our nation frightfully needs at this attempting time.
As you may know, a huge number of understudies are as of now at home doing nothing on the grounds that their tutoring was all of a sudden disturbed by the choice of their disappointed instructors to go on an inconclusive strike. Some of these understudies are 3 months from getting to be graduates.
This is an ideal opportunity to revive their expectation before they turn into nothing worth mentioning to themselves and disturbance to the general public.
You should practically take care of our consistently incapacitating instruction area, greatly increment the financial plan for training and treat the clergymen and perpetual secretaries as well as the teachers and school heads okay. On the off chance that the teachers are generously compensated and paid as at when due, they will merrily give learning onto our kids who will end up being the pioneers of this awesome country tomorrow. Resulting from my examination, no Nigerian college is at present among the main 20 colleges in Africa. This is a disgrace for a nation touted as the Giant of Africa. We should raise the standard of our training segment massively. A nation with a dynamic instruction is a nation with a splendid future. By putting hugely in training, we indubitably reinforce efficiency in our economy and furthermore transformational developments that would profit our nation of genuine significance.
Further to this Mr. President, a standout amongst the most vindictive dangers ambushing us today is uncertainty of lives and properties. We are always being battered and compelled to the messenger of death by various beasts in various quarters of the country.
In the north, the Boko Haram organization, Fulani herders, the October first final proposal and the IPOB tumult as yet pillaging lives and properties.
The general population in different parts of the nation are not sheltered either. Ruffians are expanding by the day and gangsters are flooding the avenues each other day. This is an ideal opportunity to convey on the order the Nigerian individuals provided for you. I trust that you will make each vital move to rapidly convey a conclusion to these national dangers similarly as you work indefatigably towards annihilating the perpetual monetary hardship plaguing the nation. I wish you long life and sound wellbeing Mr. President. By and by, you are welcome!
Areafada (CharlyBoy) President of every Frustrated Nigerian.

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