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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Marriage Crash: Uche Jombo’s Fans Take On Bloggers

Fans of Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez, Tuesday, went up against Nigerian bloggers, calling them home breakers and cautioning them to allow their screen icon to sit unbothered. Uche Jombo and her hubby Kenny Rodriquez 

 Uche Jombo
The fans' response came after Uche Jombo got out the bloggers by means of Instagram post to keep her family issue far from the media. Review that news became a web sensation as of late on the Internet that the on-screen character and her better half, Kenny Rodriguez are presently isolated. Maddened by this unwarranted gossip, the on-screen character took to her Instagram page to vent her outrage, getting out the bloggers to avoid her marriage. She expressed, "Dear Nigerian Bloggers, If you are going make up stories about my life or marriage attempt actualities. Ordinarily I will take a gander at this inept slanting story on me today and look the other way however not Today!!! Enough!!!!! I discover your need to make delusion stories of malice where there are none in pursue of a story/news unbelievable. There's no story here with the exception of a lady attempting to adjust her family life and work in 2 nations. If it's not too much trouble let my family alone for your produced, made up stories. There are more vital stories, main problems in world individuals are stressed over than minimal old me." "My exclusive online networking conceal is imagining You "Zero journalistic morals" individuals didn't hurt me by your unwarranted and non-authentic stories," she composed. Quickly, Uche's fans begun responding to her post, as they impacted the bloggers, calling them snoop individuals. One of the posts by badgalshuga read, "Bloggers or whatever there are, they are attempting to survive which I see, however criticizing and reprimanding individuals have continually being their thought processes. They concoct lies and offer the same to the general population and after that some ignorant individuals will snatch their dumb posts and begin remarking horse crap." luchitricia10 stated, "Until the point when individuals comprehend what truly matters to marriage, they won't discuss other individuals' relational unions like that, this single bloggers we are sitting tight for you to taste marriage then we can answer you." Also, @solasunzI composed, 'Individuals need to stop lies all in the offer to profit."

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