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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


YENAGOA—The People of IJAW have described as "provocative," attempts  by the pro-Biafra groups, Movement for the Actualisation of a Sovereign State of Biafra, MOASSOB, and Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to incorporate Ijaw regions in the guide of Biafra without legitimate meetings and assent of the Ijaw ethnic nationality. The Ijaw battle for self assurance, equity and value inside the Nigerian league, it contended, originates before the Igbo disturbance for Biafra. Representative of the Oweilaemi Pereotuno-drove Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, around the world, Daniel Dasimaka, in an announcement removed the IYC and Ijaw country from the imaginary guide asserting Ijaw domains as being a piece of Biafra, noting:"There was never a period we were Biafrans. "The old Eastern district was likewise a contraption that so much subjugated the Ijaw people that was made by the people who made this unnatural birth cycle of a state called Nigerian. "It ought to be noticed that the Ijaw are not at all against the certifiable goals surprisingly, including the IPOB, to achieve self assurance or severance by and large. "Ijaw are an unmistakable ethnic country even before the 1914 amalgamation that had its own fantasies, wishes and yearnings that ought not be submerged as commentaries in some other people' battle." "We Ijaw people are not Biafrans. Along these lines, if or when any Ijaw people or group feel a feeling of devotion to Biafra and talk to support its, let it be realized that such proclamations are the sincere beliefs of such people, which don't mirror the contemplations, perspectives and wishes of the whole Ijaw country and the Niger Delta people." "For the records, the Ijaw battle for self-assurance originates before the Biafra fomentation. A year prior to the world got the opportunity to know about the term Biafra Republic, Ijaws drove by late Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro of favored memory proclaimed a Niger Delta Republic in quest for the liberation of the Niger Delta people which the forebear of Biafran Late Col Ojukwu of favored memory attacked against as the then Governor of the Old Eastern area when the running was great with him in the Nigerian State. "It is additionally on record that a year prior MOASSOB was established, the IYC through the Kaiama Declaration confirmed 'our responsibility regarding joint battle with the other ethnic nationalities in the Niger delta zone for self-assurance. "We communicated our solidarity with every one of people groups' associations and ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and somewhere else, who are battling for self-assurance and equity. Specifically IPOB, the battle of the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, Mosop, Egi Women's Movement and so forth.' Thus our battle can't be submerged into the Biafra tumult that came after our own. "Our position has not changed. We Ijaws remain for self assurance in the Nigerian alliance. We remain for the meeting of a Sovereign National Conference of similarly spoke to ethnic nationalities to examine the idea of a law based organization of Nigerian ethic nationalities or a choice to choose our future in this amalgamated marriage. "As our establishing fathers noted in 1998, 'however for the monetary interests of the colonialists, the Ijaw ethnic nationality would have advanced as a particular and separate sovereign country, appreciating undiluted political, financial, social, and social 'self-sufficiency'. In this way, we approach our Biafran siblings to regard our personality. Any endeavor to bump Ijaws into Biafra without the veritable assent of Ijaws is an affront as well as a useless attempts at duplicating the mistreatment in Nigeria Biafians claim to stand up to."

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