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Friday, 4 August 2017

Dubai's record-breaking 1,100ft Torch Tower full of expats bursts into horrific flames - A video of fire ascending the 79-story The Torch, a residential building well known with expats in Dubai
Consuming flotsam and jetsam can be seen spiraling down to ground firefighters urgently endeavor to handle the flares
Light Tower is the fifth tallest private working on the planet and stands at more than 330 meters (1,105 ft)
A similar high rise was crushed by flame in 2015, with the structures combustible cladding being faulted
Fire 'spread quickly' through a high rise in Dubai's reality renowned Marina in the early hours of today.
Disturbing film demonstrated blazes moving up the 79-story Torch Tower, a private building prevalent with expats in the United Arab Emirates tourism hotspot.
Consuming flotsam and jetsam could be seen spiraling down to the ground underneath as firefighters frantically handled the burst.
A similar high rise was crushed by flame in 2015 and the building's combustible cladding, which was like that utilized as a part of Grenfell Tower, was rebuked for fuelling the blazes.

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