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Thursday, 3 August 2017


GISTSMARK.COM - Former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, on Wednesday, prompted Nigerian young people to abstain from anything that debilitated the sway and solidarity of the nation. Gowon gave the exhortation at a National Security Seminar on "Solidarity in Diversity: Security and National Development", sorted out by the Department of State Service (DSS) in Abuja. He additionally asked the adolescents not to permit a circumstance where Nigerians would battle each other. "You are the fate of this nation. In all that you do, guarantee that we assemble the nation in light of a legitimate concern for all. "Guarantee that you show improvement over what we have accomplished for you. This is my supplication to you,'' he told young people. On the calls for rebuilding or withdrawal by various gatherings and segments in the nation, Gowon instructed the instigators to be careful regarding the privileges of others. He censured circumstances where certain people and intrigue bunches cover up under the right to speak freely and affiliation ensured in the 1999 Constitution to make risk the solidarity and sway of the nation. "My view and call is that all Nigerians should like their nation, right or wrong, yet request a change for good and better'' On his part, the Director-General of DSS, Mr Lawal Daura, exhorted all gatherings and people keen on seeking after their troublesome and separatist exercises that undermine national security, to have a reconsider. Daura said that security and law authorization offices would not sit by while separatist components proceeded with their exercises that put in danger the lives and properties of decent and guiltless Nigerians. "We will convey the full amalgam of the security foundation to manage subsisting and rising improvements equipped for imperiling lives and properties and additionally our corporate presence as a country. "Universally, the security offices frame the center of organizations that offer spine to statehood. "Subsequently, every action that speaks to an existential risk to the country is an immediate test to the security offices which must be reacted to. "The security segment sees the solidarity of this country as a sacrosanct trust and this undertaking we will do our most extreme to meet," he said. Daura said that the workshop exhibited a chance to investigate different viewpoints on national difficulties with a view to increasing further bits of knowledge and comprehension of same . "It is trusted that we will recognize our qualities and open up them while advancing suitable choices to cure our shortcomings,'' he said

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