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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Agatu Crisis Victims To Get 5,000 Units Of Houses

GISTSMARK.COM -  MAKURDI: Benue State government, in conjunction with African Development Bank, AfDB, is to initiate the development of 5,000 units of houses for casualties of collective emergency in Agatu, Ado, Kwande and Guma Local Government territories of the state. 

The state's Commissioner for Housing, Mr. John Onoja, who made this known yesterday in Makurdi, said the ventures will be situated in territories that recorded instances of herders uprising and public emergency to lighten the sufferings of casualties. 

The magistrate stated: "2000 of the units will be worked in Agatu; Gbajimba will get 1,000 units; Agila, 1,000 and Moon in Kwande will likewise get 1,000 units. 

"All we are sitting tight for right now is the correct speculator." 

Benue State is including its misfortunes the fallout of the bleeding emergency that seethed like out of control fire over the most recent two months between speculated Fulani herders and nearby agriculturists.

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