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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Rochas Fails Is Igbo People – Fani-Kayode

GISTSMARK.COM - Rather than regarding himself, quiet down and looking for absolution from God for deceiving his Igbo people, tending to his elders and betters in an improper and disrespectful way and playing the trick, the town … called Rochas Okorocha has by and by messed up people in general space by opening his filthy mouth and discussing Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the previous Minister of Culture and Tourism and previous Minister of Aviation.

This time around he discusses FFK not having what he calls "local sense" and he continues fixating on his recognized family, advantaged childhood and respectable heredity.

Obviously Rochas is fixated on FFK and he has come to value the way that there are a few things, similar to class, a great heredity and uprightness that cash can't purchase.

However in all actuality this: it is not a wrongdoing to have been naturally introduced to a well-to-do family nor is it a transgression.

That is the reason many individuals burn through cash sending their youngsters to class and make incredible yields so as to do a few

The way that Rochas, however his own affirmation, was at one time a road seller clarifies his absence of energy about such issues and plainly regardless he lives in the drain where he originated from.

They say that a pig that wears lipstick remains a pig. Also, that is decisively what Rochas is: a messy, voracious and conscienceless pig who does not know when to quiets down.

He has no dignity, no artfulness, no tolerability, no class, no instruction and no respectability.
He is a primitive and shrubbery villager of faulty paternity whose father stays obscure even to his mom.
On the off chance that he is genuinely a man and not the creature that we know him to be given him a chance to go ahead a live network show with FFK to banter about these issues including his shameful and soiled history and foundation and afterward Nigerians can choose for themselves who truly has "local sense" amongst FFK and him.

We rehash that a man who always talks up for and underpins a legislature that reliably butchers and routinely slaughters his own particular Igbo individuals must be portrayed as a sociopathic self-detesting Igbo who is experiencing an awful and crippling feeling of inadequacy.

He was conceived a slave and he will pass on a slave. Endeavoring to contrast himself with a valiant, accomplished, refined, sure, appealing, fruitful and all around reared man like FFK resembles contrasting fine wine with latrine water.

Rochas is filth and just rubbish. When he completes his residency as senator he will slither again into the soiled cesspit and gap from which he came.

FFK was never a ritualist, a cultist, a 419er, a homosexual, a trickster or a messy and untrustworthy road urchin and con artist.

He never demolished the lives of millions, bowed before odd divine beings and rested in boxes to profit.

He never sold his spirit to the villain or his body to criminal men who desire for other men as a byproduct of cash and power.

Dissimilar to Rochas FFK disapproves of such things and originates from a respectable legacy and a profoundly perfect and solid establishment.

Rochas knows where he has ruined his hands and what the wellspring of his influence and riches is.

He has much to respond in due order regarding and the shrewd spirits that, by his own particular confirmation, have been tormenting him as far back as he progressed toward becoming representative will soon take their pound of substance.

The sword of the Lord is ready to strike and the judgment of God anticipates him for his numerous thoughtless activities and sins. From that point comes hellfire"-

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