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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Nigerian comic, Francis Agoda, also called I Go Dye, has been respected by the Nigerian Army

I Go Dye expressed his thanks and amazed  at the honour, including that it would challenge others to work with the armed force.

'When I devoted the Africa child prize to this respectable institution, I was simply offering thanks for their sacrifices,' the comedian said.

He included, 'Never did I imagine that my little commitment will be distinguished for acclamation.

'I'm in fact appreciative for this respect displayed to me by the head of armed force staff and the Nigerian armed force.

'It will challenge numerous others to collaborate and grow organization with the armed force; advancing an awareness of other's expectations to all residents of this nation to comprehend that the battle against psychological oppression and different disturbances are not to our greatest advantage.'

I Go Dye got the acknowledgment scarcely a month in the wake of being granted the African Child Prize alongside Oby Ezekwesili and others.

At the season of accepting the African Child Prize honor, I Go Dye devoted that respect to the Nigerian armed force.

'I devote this honor to the Nigerian armed force for relinquishing their lives to save a portion of the Chibok young ladies,' he stated, including, 'And furthermore to those that lost their lives in the war against fear based oppression, I say you are the genuine legends of the African tyke.'

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