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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Former Attorney-General And Justice Minister: Dr. Olu Onagoruwa And The Oputa Panel

That day in the second week of November 2000, previous Attorney-General and Justice Minister, Dr. Olu Onagoruwa ventured into the witness box to portray the frightful murder of his young child, Oluwatoyin.

Yet, the tears of the torments of his misfortune scarcely enabled him to. In the midst of cries and discontinuously wiping without end tears, he continued forever and liquefied hearts the same number of went along with him in shedding tears as he at long last separated in feeling.

Onagoruwa was halfway stifling in cries notwithstanding his practically incapacitated hands that could barely hold the amplifier that the leader of the Human Rights Violations Investigations Commission (HRVIC) prominently known as Oputa Panel, Justice Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa begged him to stop in the event that he couldn't stomach the feelings.

He claimed that Barnabas Mshelia, famously known as Rogers and Col. Omenka, working for the Abacha squad slaughtered his child to demonstrate hatred for him for leaving his arrangement. Indeed, even conspicuous rights extremist, Gani Fawehinmi, who in a media report had derided him after the misfortune felt frustrated about Onagoruwa that day. He said executing his child he more than once called Oluwatoyin was to wreck his life.

His arrangement in the Abacha bureau had set him against his associates in the human rights segment of legitimate calling including Fawehinmi who asserted that Onagoruwa escaped to feast with fiends. Onagoruwa passed on at 80 and had been down with stroke for near 20 years.

Affirming that day, Onagoruwa's tears that he couldn't keep down made numerous watchers separate as well. It was a day Nigerians joined Onagoruwa to sob for his killed child. However, tears never brought back Oluwatoyin that had been for quite some time quieted. He strolled into the board sitting that day with trouble in his walk and later said he brought down with stroke under the torments of the loss of his child and that he never recuperated from Oluwatoyin's death by individuals he said focused on him and felt bringing down his child would enormously hit him in this way abandoning him debilitated.

Nigerians will recollect forget him as the man the goons destroyed and who grieved his lost child all his outstanding days for just about 20 years as he never completely recuperated from the stroke he caught after the death.

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