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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Breaking: Women Demonstrate in Kano against Rape assault

GISTSMARK.COM – Professional ladies bunches in Kano pourer out in their dozen challenged early morning deluge Tuesday to organized a dissent rally against uncontrolled instances of assault in Kano and environs.

The dissent which was mutually composed by graduated class of the St, Louis optional school, Kano, and crowds of other expert ladies bodies in the city was gone for attracting consideration regarding the hazard of assault.

The ladies conveying bulletins that read "genuine men don't assault" nothing more will be tolerated", "we say no to assault" are relied upon to walk through some chose boulevards, and wind up in Kano House of Assembly.

Pioneer of the Women gatherings, Nana Asmau Gwadabe would tended to Reporters after the road challenge.

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