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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Biafra Will Go With Southern Kaduna, DR. John Danfulani Brief Kanu

GISTSMARK.COM – DR. John Danfulani, a social crusader and dissident from the beset Southern Kaduna has said that the general population of Southern Kaduna would favor and be agreeable to run with the Biafra Republic rather stay with Nigeria where the general population were being slaughtered on consistent schedule with any sufficient security from the Government.

Pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu ( left) , with social crusader and promoter of Southern Kaduna individuals, Dr. John Danfulani ( right), when the last paid him solidarity visit yesterday in Umuahia.

Danfulani who talked yesterday in Umuahia, when he paid a solidarity visit to the pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was cited to have said that "the general population of Southern Kaduna share a ton of qualities in a similar manner as Biafrans", and would not delay to tail them "if Nigeria separates".

The previous college educator moaned about the destiny of minority ethnic nationalities in Southern Kaduna who are for the most part Christians and deplored government's lack of concern to their difficulties following unending unmerited assaults by herders.

"On the off chance that Nigeria separates we won't run with the North. Surely we will run with Biafra in light of the fact that we share a considerable measure in like manner. We can shape a confederation in light of assention. It is better for us since we are more secure in Biafra. In the North, they don't care for us since we don't implore like them. Along these lines, it is better we take after the individuals who share a similar confidence and qualities with us", Danfulani was cited to have said.

As indicated by him, if the Federal Government neglected to regard the uproar for the rebuilding the nation before 2019, Nigeria won't not remain a solitary political element.

It was his sentiment that Nigeria was amalgamated for British monetary and managerial accommodation against the general population's desires, saying there was requirement for the nation to be rebuilt.

"Nigeria remains the main nation on the planet where individuals were consolidated due to the monetary enthusiasm of their frontier aces without their assent. In the event that we neglect to rebuild now, it might be late after 2019″, he cautioned and asked why a few people are viewed as hallowed bovines in the nation while others are dealt with as peasants.

Danfulani who is the Coordinator of the Centrum Initiative for Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy, CEDRA, scowled at the powerlessness of the security offices to capture the Arewa adolescents who issued quit notice to Ndigbo to experience the North.

"How can it be that until today the pioneers of Arewa adolescents who gave a quit notice to Ndigbo are yet to be captured in spite of the warrant of capture? They are parading the lanes and no one has touched them.

"In the event that it is John Danfulani I would have been captured in light of the fact that I am John. In the event that it were John Danfulani, Governor El-Rufai would have packed me into jail", he said and blamed Governor El-Rufai for oppressing him in view of his confidence.

"El-Rufai is after me since I am a Christian and relate to Christian minorities in Southern Kaduna. He resembles the White South Africans behind politically-sanctioned racial segregation govern while I resemble the indigenous South African individuals that claim the land.

"Is it not a wrongdoing to pay psychological militants with the state reserves? However El-Rufai said he is utilizing Kanuda State assets to pay herders slaughtering Christian minorities in Southern Kaduna and no one is making inquiries", he mourned.

As indicated by him, the general population of Southern Kaduna had endured such a great amount in the hands of "the individuals who think they possess the North", jus a similar destiny of the general population of South East in Nigeria.

"We confront a similar concealment and persecution that the Igbo confront in Nigeria. We are abhorred in the North and we are the objective of brutal assaults by the individuals who are out to smother us", the lobbyist said.

Dr. Danfulani likewise censured the poor condition of foundation in the South East especially streets which he depicted as the most exceedingly bad in Nigeria. He deplored that Nigeria's out of line treatment to Ndigbo is simply the explanation behind the disturbance assurance.

"I utilized the streets down to this place and I perceived how repulsive they are. I never knew regardless we have this kind of street in Nigeria. The Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway is a bad dream", he said.

On his visit to Umuahia, Danfulani said it was to indicate solidarity to Kanu who he depicted as a God-sent saint championing a noble motivation.

"I came to indicate him bolster for the travails he has experienced. He is seeking after a real reason that is satisfactory and ensured by the United Nations contract. That is the reason I have come to empower him and guarantee him of our help in Southern Kaduna.

"While he was in confinement, I was among the individuals who sorted out a dissent for government to comply with the court request to discharge him. I wanted the gatherings I speak to in Southern Kaduna in solidarity with him", Danfulani said.

In his comments, Kanu expressed gratitude toward Danfulani for talking against shamefulness and also his endeavors with regards to the persecuted and underestimated individuals of Southern Kaduna and guaranteed him of the full help of Biafra to Christian minorities and the abused individuals of Southern Kaduna and additionally the Middle Belt.

"Biafra won't forsake Southern Kaduna and Middle Belt", Kanu guaranteed.

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