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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Benue solicits consideration in UN help system, UNDAF IV

Makurdi - As the United Nations Development Assistance Framework, UNDAF III, step by step windup, Benue state wants to be incorporated into the UNDAF IV program cycle to enhance the prosperity of its masses.

The Director General of the Benue State Planing Commission, Linus Ode, made this known at the 2017 UNDAF Mid Year Review/Planning for 2018 Meeting, held in Makurdi.

Tribute communicated the dedication of the state government to giving the empowering condition and furthermore guaranteeing that the Government Counterpart Cash Contribution, GCCC, for the different areas were paid notwithstanding the current monetary downturn in the nation.

He said "Benue state has been focused on cooperating in a soul of organization in executing and accomplishing comes about set out for 2014-2017 United Nations Development Assistance Framework, UNDAF.

"As the UNDAF III arrives at an end, it is basic to audit all exercises from 2014-2017 the accomplishments and the difficulties and turn out with better thoughts. It is our true yearning that Benue state be incorporated into the UNDAF IV program cycle.

"In accordance with this, Governor Samuel Ortom has communicated the longing for the state to be chosen for the UNDAF IV since the coordinated effort with the United Nation has enhanced the general prosperity of the Benue people particularly the defenseless gatherings.

"The motivation behind this meeting in this manner is to together evaluate the usage of exercises of the 2017 Annual Work Plan, AWP, and think of thoughts that will give us best outcomes and furthermore get ready for the 2018 programming year.

"As normal it is normal that toward the finish of this meeting a draft get ready for the 2018 will likewise be delivered."

Tribute asked every one of the members to contribute definitively to guarantee that the targets of the meeting were met.

Inviting members and partners at the meeting, the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, Chief of Field Office, Enugu, Mr. Ibrahim Conteh said the UNDAF was a structure set up to help Nigeria through specialized help and limit building.

Conteh included that work had been done in regions, for example, limit working for agriculturists, shield for the dislodged, inoculation for kids and a considerable measure others.

He said the United Nations' commitment were engaged and comes about arranged focusing on that the embodiment of the Mid-Year Review was to perceive what comes about had been gotten over the most recent six months and screen advance additional time.

Conteh promised that the UN would concentrate on supporting the legislature on the welfare of the general population and encouraged that all encompassing projects, for example, instruction, nourishment and security ought to go together for a kid "and this will mean at times we as a whole meet up."

He charged members to ceaselessly cooperate and cultivate solidarity to roll out the coveted important improvement.

Talking soon after the finish of the audit, pending the distribution of the report, the UNICEF Chief of Field Office said "following six months of executing exercises during the current year in the state, it wound up plainly essential to meet up to survey four topical territories that have been finished by various accomplices, which incorporates human security, administration, nourishment security and training or fundamental social administrations.

"Also, it was intriguing that we had cooperation from various United Nation organizations and we could have extremely productive and helpful discourses on a portion of the things we have been doing as far as mediation in the state.

"Over the span of the audit we concocted some new methodologies on how we can push ahead to the following level and it was all extremely intriguing. It was a decent survey. We are accepting a portion of the issues as we get ready for the following help system."

"Be that as it may, one of

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