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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ango Abdullahi is not representing us – Northern Elders Forum say

The pioneers of the Northern Elders Forum NEF, have separated themselves from the remarks made by their representative Abdullahi Ango, on the questionable final offer some Northern Youths provided for Igbos living in the area. Ango at a public interview in Kaduna state yesterday, asserted the older folks were in absolute support of the adolescents.

However the agent executive of NEF, Elder Paul Unongo, says Abdullahi is all alone in maneuvering the oblivious young people.

"I am the Deputy Leader of the Northern Elders Forum and Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Sule is the pioneer. Along these lines, just both of us can represent the gathering on delicate matter this way. In this way, if Professor Ango Abdullahi is support those unmindful young people, at that point he is representing himself. We can't bolster the babble those young men said. We battled common war with our blood to keep Nigeria one. Along these lines, any Nigerian can live in any piece of the nation he feels like. Igbos are welcome in the North, they are welcome in Yoruba arrive and my own town in Tiv land and they have appropriate to seek after their every day bread and possess property. We couldn't have murdered three million individuals to keep Nigeria one and returned and permit these children (the Northern Youth Groups) to affront our knowledge. We knew why we battled the war, we knew why we executed our loved ones. We knew why we made the give up of three million men dead. Along these lines, Northern Elders Forum can't take same position as those young fellows, if at all they took a position. In this way, if the young fellows can't fabricate a country, they ought not devastate the one we put our lives on hold to work for them. We can't permit young fellows who did not battle the common war with us to pulverize our nation, since Nigeria can't bear the cost of another common war," he said.

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