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Saturday, 3 June 2017

70 months unpaid benefits: Benue LG pensioners lament

THIS is absolutely not the best of time for Local Government retired people in Benue State, as they beg Governor Samuel Orton, to pay their 70 months annuity back payments and different advantages to spare them from unfavorable passing.

Inside one month, the powerless retired people have challenged twice to the administration house to attract thoughtfulness regarding their situation.

The beneficiaries on the stage of Coalition of Local Government Retirees, CLGR, containing resigned grade teachers and neighborhood government staff in the 23 nearby government territories of the state, rioted of Makurdi, showing a few notices to express their grievances.

A portion of the notices read "pay us, our kids are being tossed out of schools", "we have served the state please pay us our due" and "our individuals are kicking the bucket since we can't pay doctor's facility bills or purchase drugs."

A cross segment of retired people

Amid the primary challenge, driven by their representative , Michael Vambe, the retired people wound up at the passage of the Benue State Government House where they were gotten by the state Deputy Governor, Mr. Benson Abounu.

Bemoaning their condition, Vambe clarified that they were compelled to set out on the dissent attributable to the disappointment of progressive governments to address their predicament.

He stated, "We need to welcome you for coordinating that we ought to be set on a month to month benefits which begun in February 2016. Lamentably, since we were put on benefits in February 2016 close by our partners who have been on annuity in the nearby government so that the two of us will be on a similar finance in ensuing installments that has not been clung to by the administration. From that point forward, the first to third installments were made however the Ministry of Finance in this way paid N100million to us in spite of the N200million you guided them to pay on a month to month premise and following four months nothing has been paid till date."

Vambe deplored that they had been subjected to untold hardship because of the activities of the authorities of the Ministry of Finance.

He noticed that larger part of the beneficiaries who were drawing their advantages straightforwardly from the Bureau for Local Governments were being paid as at when due, "yet same is not the situation with a few of us."

He lamented that past organizations in the state exacerbated their situation by neglecting to do the needful which offered ascend to the immense build-up. We are really not rebuking this organization for our predicament on the grounds that if different organizations had started this kind of intense activity we wouldn't have been in this pitiable circumstance we have gotten ourselves. Today we have accumulation of unfulfilled obligations going back to 2010 which have not been paid even after the retirees were caught. The present government started installments for us in 2016 yet the Ministry of Finance is disappointing the order of the Governor."

"While we anticipate assist government activity on the accumulation the past government neglected to pay us we additionally ask that the variations in the installment of old and new retirees which is likewise a wellspring of worry to every one of us ought to be tended to since the present organization has taken the striking activity to determine the waiting issue.

"We wish government to note that since we were put on month to month annuity, the request is that overdue debts is paid close by on the grounds that as at today our unfulfilled obligations remains in the vicinity of 70 and 24 months. Lamentably all services and parastatals have paid their retirees who resigned same time with us, why are we made a special case, have we insulted the divine forces of the land? We are enduring and have no quality to cook for ourselves and families, our kids have been pursued out of school, we can't bolster well and can't manage the cost of our standard
He regretted that previous administrations in the state compounded their plight by failing to do the needful which gave rise to the huge backlog. We are actually not blaming this administration for our plight because if other administrations had initiated this type of bold initiative we wouldn’t have been in this pitiable situation we have found ourselves. Today we have backlog of arrears dating back to 2010 which have not been paid even after the retirees were captured. The present government initiated payments for us in 2016 but the Ministry of Finance is frustrating the directive of the Governor.”

“While we await further government action on the backlog the previous government failed to pay us we also ask that the disparities in the payment of old and new retirees which is also a source of concern to us all should be addressed since the present administration has taken the bold initiative to resolve the lingering problem.

They urged the government to take decisive step to address the situation with emphasis on the prompt release of the N200million the governor directed at the inception of the government.

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