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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Pep Guardiola has banned Wi-Fi at Manchester City's training ground

For millennials, there are few sights more distressing than a lack of wireless internet access or phone data service. Feeds go unchecked, chats are not snapped and gratuitous selfies are not broadcast to the world. It truly is a dreadful situation.

Spare a thought, if you will, for the poor globally-adored millionaire players at Manchester City, who are no longer able to connect to the web from their mobile devices while they are supposed to be working.

In a recent interview with Argentine TV channel TyC Sports, Pablo Zabaleta revealed that manager Pep Guardiola has ensured players cannot connect to Wi-Fi or 3G data in the first-team dressing room at the City Football Academy (CFA).

“The dressing room is on the bottom floor, three floors down. There isn’t even 3G connection there. We are incommunicado there.”

So, while in the dressing room, City’s stars have to either talk to each other face-to-face or focus on the task of winning soccer games. Imagine the indignity of having to wait until your two-hour work day is complete to surf the web! The horror! The horror!

Incidentally, a restriction on over-zealous phone usage isn’t the only sweeping change Pep has made during his reign in Manchester. The Spaniard has also banned pizza, junk food and mixed nuts from the players’ diets.

Additionally, he has prohibited overweight players from training and banned Yaya Toure from doing anything at all.

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