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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Make money with YouTube and Google AdSense

YouTube and Google AdSense is a good way to start your incomes online. Most of people who use YouTube daily are unknown with the content that YouTube can also pay the video up-loader a nice amount of income when the video’s are being watched allot. For example 1 Million views on youtube will be granding you around $400-$700 which is a nice start a just a simple movie.
Since not to long you can add Google AdSense to your YouTube account so you can generate incomes with your movies, this works by all the adds which are displayed inside and around you YouTube movie even when someone includes your movie on their website, blog, forum or what ever (If your turn “Paid Platforms only” on in your YouTube movie settings). If you will have a successful YouTube Partner account and around a couple of millions of views monthly on your chanel then you can probably start your monthly income from there on.
Be sure not to quit your daily job instantly when you are starting to make a nice amount of cash because this could easily fall back into its old pattern. To add your AdSense account to your YouTube you should first start to create an Google AdSense Account and after that enable your YouTube partner program for incomes. When you have enabled your Google AdSense and YouTube Partner program account you still have to connect both accounts together so Google knows where to send the money to.

But please after activating your Google AdSense and YouTube account, do not copy and steal clips from other people’s their sites.

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