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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How Prince Harry became King Kane... with a goal record that is up there with Shearer and Fowler, he's now joined Europe's elite

When the sixth game of the Barclays Premier League season had been and gone and Harry Kane had still not scored, there was a sense that the natural order of the world had been restored. The obituaries had been written. Kane may have scored 32 goals in all competitions last season, but that had been a fluke. Everyone knew it. Much like the northern lights, Kane was a one-season wonder. Goal No 1 came, as it inevitably would, but it took until the trip to Bournemouth on October 25 for No 2. And No 3. And No 4. Since that hat-trick, Kane has not stopped scoring and Tottenham Hotspur have not really stopped climbing the table either.

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