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Friday, 27 November 2015

Some female fans are desperate to have kids for me –Tekno

Handsome and talented singer cum producer, Augustine Kelechi Marius aka Tekno, is in ‘trouble’. He is in big ‘trouble’ because some female fans are desperate to have kids for him. According to the Ebonyi State indigene, girls, through the social media, regularly bombard him with nude pictures and beg for sex. In an exclusive interview with TS Weekend, Tekno whose new song, Duro is making waves bares it all. Excerpts:

Let’s look at your background. Where are you from?
My real name is Augustine Kelechi Marius. I’m from Ebonyi State. I was born in Bauchi but grew up in Abuja, Kaduna, and Nasarawa. I’m pretty much through with school. I studied Music online. I did my high school at Heritage School, Kaduna. I studied at Green Island but I didn’t really finish because I know the practical aspect of music, so I read and understood the science of music. I would marry soon because I want to start a life.

What inspired you to go into movies?
Really, someone came to me saying that they wanted to shoot a movie. They came, we talked about it, and it was nice. It was about a ghetto kid who hustled to the mainstream, it was pretty much my life. The idea was nice and they needed someone that could play musical instrument and produce at the same time. It was not like we planned to do a movie, I was actually approached and it was a success.

What do you like about the character you played in that movie?
I like that he is a quiet kid with so much talent and he would do anything to survive, but nothing bad. Basically, I think what I like most about the character is that he is a very stealth and quiet character.

Was that in a way part of your lifestyle when you were growing up?

Then tell us about your growing up.
Growing up was okay. We weren’t rich or poor but I had everything I needed. My dad made me play musical instrument as a child, so music started from day one. Growing up for me was school, church, and music till I came to where I am today.

Have you ever asked your dad why he bought musical instrument for you when you were a boy?
I never did because I know he loved music. My dad has always had a box guitar and he used to play it back then. I did not join music because of money; it was a childhood choice.

As a teenager, were you an entertainer?
Yes, as a kid, I like to talk a lot and connect with people. I belonged to the first set of dancers in my school. They were called ‘The Enclomadies’. We used the first letter in everybody’s name to christen the group. In church, I used to play musical instrument, dance and sing.

Did you know you would hit the limelight someday?
The music was so good that I didn’t notice I’d come this far. When I reminisce, I realise that I was actually coming to the limelight but I didn’t see it like that, having to go to the studio and all that. In the industry, if you’re good, you will be noticed. Your work will speak for you. I hustled so much till K-Money, my first record label, saw me at Abuja and asked if I was Tekno. K-Money helped me; he put his money in there, gave me a car, a house and a life. I went from zero to 100. He helped me shoot a movie that cost N3 million.

What was your worst-case scenario?
I can’t tell which one was my most awkward moment. I have been to a show where someone invited me to perform. Then I went behind the stage and asked him if I was to come onstage, but he did not answer me let alone acknowledge my presence. Literally, it was embarrassing but when I look back now, it did make me realise how I had to work hard and keep moving.

What was your turning point in life?
My turning point was when I met K-Money; that was when everything fell into place.

I think that was when your hit song came up. Did you know that song was going to be a hit?
You’d never know such songs would be hit. We just put them out there, and gradually they became known.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you?
One day, I went to buy computer game; a girl called me and was shaking. She said she wanted to hug me, and then she did. The love was real and that alone just made my day.

There are newcomers who seem to be taking over the industry. Are you one of them?
As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to say because I’m here, others who have been there cannot compete. The more hits we get from new artists, the more our industry gets bigger.

What are you currently working on?
I’m shooting a video for Duro, after that I’m dropping a video with Patorankin.

How do you get inspiration for these songs?
I like the new thing that comes from the vibes of the beats. I get inspired from how good the beat is and then I create.

Who influenced your music among Nigerian artistes?
PSquare really influenced me. Growing up, I used to watch their videos, from the days of Sonorita, Omoge Mi, and Busy Body etc.

You are one of the sexiest guys in the music industry, so definitely ladies will be coming by. How do you handle your female fans?
Love is big and we share. I don’t take anybody for granted; be you a fan or not, more so if you are a girl. My mum would always tell me to respect a woman, so I have huge respect for girls. Generally, there are girls that will like you genuinely but you cannot like everybody at the same time. All I do is to show love to them as much as I can. A lot of them send me their nude pictures via social media, but I’m not surprised because it comes with the territory.

Have you been tempted by any woman in the industry?
On a daily basis, whether you are in the industry or not, a woman will definitely tempt you. So, it is left for you to control yourself.

A lot of new artists are coming up with their baby mamas. Don’t you have any baby mama?
I don’t have baby mama despite the fact that I say it in my songs. I don’t have any baby out of wedlock. If I do, I’m not going to lie about it. So, if I do have a baby, I will proudly hold my child up.

Has any of these women come to you saying she wants to have a baby for you?
Yes, I think two girls have said that to me. One said she will love to have a baby for me and she’d go to Morocco and give birth. I have to like you to do that with you. And with girls, you have to be sure because when they give birth, they will force marriage on you. You have to be careful though, you can’t be careful enough.

What kind of lady do you want as a wife?
I like a Rihanna type of girl; a girl that will carry herself well. I like a hot, independent girl.

Can you marry a girl from the industry?
I can but it depends. Some people say that they can’t marry someone from the industry but you don’t know where you might end up. I like Chidinma; she is hot. I like Kupe the DJ.

Have you given any of them a treat?
No, we are all friends.

Are you taking it to another level?
No, I’m not really taking anything to another level, but hopefully if anything happens we’ll move on.

How do you feel on stage when performing?
When I’m on stage that is when I come alive because the stage is my toilet. I drop sh-t there. And the reason why I’m studying the theoretical aspect of music is that when you put me out there in a concert, on a bigger stage, I can rise to the occasion.

Among the music instruments, which one do you most get inspiration from?
The piano.

What challenges are you facing as an artist?
I hardly find time to eat. And I have to eat because I’m so thin. So right now, I have to figure out my food plan.

What should fans expect from you now?
At the moment, I’m producing for Chidinma, Ice Prince, Links, PSquare, and a lot of artistes. Right now, there is so much coming out. My message for my fans is that, it is not about what anybody can do for you; it is about what you can do for yourself.

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