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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Android - How To Wipe the System Cache

You have been using your Android smartphone for quite some time now and noticed that the device is prone to slowdowns, crashes or bugs (apps that close or restart without reason)? This happens when the system cache has grown too large and the easiest way to fix these issues is to purge the latter.

How and when to clear the system cache? The system cache stores data about your app and helps Android to launch your apps faster, but the larger it grows the more CPU resources is required to manage cached data. Wiping the system cache will dramatically improve the responsiveness of your device. Furthermore it's recommended to purge the system cache after a major system update as it may still contain data meant to be used with the previous version of the system.

Open the Recovery Mode Turn off your device and then boot it in recovery mode (tested with a Samsung Galaxy S5):

Simultaneously press the Home + Volume Up + Power keys until the Recovery booting (written in blue) screen appears. You can now release the buttons:

Use the Volume Up/ Volume Down keys navigate through the menu and select Wipe Cache Partition and confirm with the Power button:

At the end of the procedure a message indicating that the system cache has been emptied will displayed at the bottom of your screen. Select Reboot System Now to restart your device normally.

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